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David Nelson's professional photography career
spans over 30 years.
Prior to moving back to Erie, he owned several
photography studios in the Detroit area.
David earned a degree in Industrial Scientific Photography
from Brooks Institute of Santa Barbara California.
He has been teaching Digital Photography at
Asbury Woods for the past eight years.


David's work on this site is partly the result of
High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.
In image processing and photography, HDR is a set of
techniques that allows a greater dynamic range between
the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard
digital or film photographic methods.
In simpler terms, HDR is a range of techniques geared
toward representing more contrast in pictures.
HDR compensates for the loss of detail in bright or
dark areas of a picture, by taking multiple pictures
at different exposure levels, intelligently stitching them
together so that we get a picture more representative in
both dark and bright areas.


Currently, David is working on a project that covers
Erie area barns, and HDR photography is reflected here
in these works.
If you have an estate which you would like photographed,
David can be commissioned for estate photography.


Send e-mail to dpauln@gmail.com.

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